Thursday, 4 August 2011

Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start all over again

I was sat in my vestry earlier waiting for a friend to come round to talk through some things. Suddenly I heard a loud thud at the door; I looked up to see nothing there. So I got up opened the door and still I could see nothing. I looked all around, but still I could see nothing. I was about to go inside, assuming that maybe somebody had thrown something at the window, when I saw a little bird laid at my feet. I was shocked and didn’t know what to do. I thought that is was dead at first, as it was lifeless, but saw that it was still breathing and was just laying there stunned. It had obviously flown into the glass, the “silly bugger” (as my granddad would say). I was going to pick it up but thought better of this and just left it there, as I didn’t want to distress it any further. I watched over it, kind of standing guard I suppose. I felt I had to just in case my friend arrived and didn’t see it lying there. After a few minutes it got to it’s feet, but did not move, just kept on breathing deeply. Then suddenly it just flew to a nearby bush and I never saw it again. Then my friend arrived and we shared tea and a wonderful conversation.

Another friend of mine told me that they were struggling with something this morning, but that all would be ok, it was not a big deal. This is of course true and I reminded her that today we both have the courage and strength to deal with whatever life throws at us. Of course this is not always instant. Sometimes we do have to take whatever ever comes at us.  At times it can even stun us and knock us unconscious. Sometimes we have to lie there for a while and simply get our breath back; then slowly get to our feet and fly off into the blue yonder to experience life once again.

The biggest difference between the person I am today and the person had become a few years ago is that I have the courage and strength to live, to pick myself up, no matter what happens to either myself or those I love. I have connected to that core, that inner being, that essence of my humanity; that of God that is within myself and all life. I am no longer completely ruled by my fear of life or what I think others think of me. I have found a faith that I can and do live by, that holds and sustains me no matter what.

That said I do need other people too. Sometimes to simply watch over me until I get my breath and senses back and at other times to simply encourage me and tell me that I just need to keep putting one foot in front of other and that all will be well.

This morning was definitely a tale of the unexpected but it has taught me a lot or do I mean it has reminded, me once again, of one or two vital truths.

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